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Income taxes.

When the constitution was written, it stated there should be no income taxes. In 1895(I think…) they tried to get it amended, but the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional, rightfully so. But, in the early 1900s they finally got it passed. Why? Because they needed money for war, of course. The government was running just fine on tariffs up until then. So, they decided it was more important to take the American citizens money, but not all of them at first, just the wealthy. But, as war grew more and more important to the American lifestyle, they decided everyone should pay “their fair share of the tax burden.” All the while, everyone of the hundreds of thousands of churches around the country operate tax free. To me, that is an obvious violation of separation of church and state. Churches make money, just like every other business in the world, but they don’t have to pay taxes? That doesn’t make much sense. What I’m getting to is, I don’t mind paying taxes, I just don’t want to fund wars, that I don’t believe in, unconstitutionally. I think, if I have to pay income taxes, churches should have to pay too. To be honest, I think we shouldn’t have to pay income taxes and churches should have to pay taxes. Call me crazy, but that is what the people that created this country wanted. That seems the most constitutional to me. But, I know that’ll never happen. So, I would be content with just churches paying “their fair share of the tax burden.” That’s all I’m saying. Maybe if that happened and we stopped fighting unneeded wars, we could restore our country to a place worth living in, and maybe eliminate the deficit. Maybe we could solve a few problems with the money instead of causing more, I don’t know. Something to think about.

  1. mothurman answered: On da drugs.
  2. jeremyduncan answered: If you are able to declare yourself a National Citizen, you do’t have to pay taxes. Aside from being a Native American, I’m not sure how to.
  3. iamsolucid answered: The fact that you wake up in the morning thinking about income taxes is really awesome. That’s all.
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